Repairing and Maintaining Your HVAC Equipment

PGA Mechanical Contractors Inc. is a premier HVAC contractor specializing in constructing, remodeling, and retrofitting your commercial and industrial equipment.

Count on us to ensure your operation’s efficiency and to minimize your equipment’s downtime.

Outdoor water chiller equipment

Preventing System Failure With Thorough Inspection

During the first maintenance inspection, we comprehensively analyze your existing equipment. After that, we provide proactive solutions to avoid major problems and mitigate risks.

Industrial water chiller equipment

Customizing Your Maintenance Contract

We offer customized HVAC maintenance agreements to ensure your inspection requirements are met. Our team will go above and beyond to provide the unique solutions your facility requires to eliminate your need for repeat service calls.

Industrial water chiller

Why Conduct Equipment Inspection?

Regularly checking your equipment’s performance extends its life and saves you money. Aside from those, maintenance inspection increases your system’s energy efficiency, giving you a better return on investment.

Choose Our HVAC Team

Hire our HVAC professionals at PGA Mechanical Contractors Inc. to maintain your commercial systems. Reach out to us today for more information about our services. We hope to hear from you soon!