Building Management Systems

A BMS system is the heart of a complex buildings climate control system. This gives the owner and staff the ability to control multiple systems at the touch of a button! Which is why you want to ensure that it is installed and maintained properly. PGA is certified in many systems. The most common are Johnson & Honeywell.



Give the owners the ability to control mechanical equipment at the touch of a button!

BMS systems are the heart of a mechanical system in most commercial buildings this system is used to diagnose errors while maintain multiple systems running data with the ability to change at a push of a button!


PGA is certified in Johnson & Honeywell controls, giving the user the ability to view live equipment running data, seeing system errors to help prevent equipment failure

When picking your Building Management control contractor it is important to understand it will be installed properly and professionally. Here at PGA ALL of our technicians are Trained / Certified to work on multiple types of BMS Systems.

BMS Systems require countless hours of planning to ensure the system will operate with no errors. while making it user friendly so you can relax in peace and take control of your building!


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